Saturday, April 18, 2009

Disco Daggin

Two nights ago we had a wedding at Ducks Crossing, and set them up with an outdoor disco at 'the chapel' near the waterfall.

Apart from the nostalgia trip (I haven't heard half of those songs in the better part of a decade!) I was disappointed with the our setup. The waterfall was in full flight, with the water flowing, lasers dancing, fog pumping out and the RGB can lighting setting the disco mood. but in the chapel itself which has a dance floor that we were expecting people to take advantage of, was being neglected. People were in general standing back and watching the show, hardly getting into it at all!

So the solution? Of course, more lights!

This thing is loads of fun to play around with! Full RGB colour control, 10 patterns to display, and can rotate anywhere in 360 degrees and tilt 270 degrees vertical. Our plan? To mount this inside the chapel, to try and get a more 'disco' atmosphere, and get people out there.

Now we still haven't finished wiring the chapel and other path lighting back to my DMX switch pack, so we don't have a cable running from the waterfall to drive this light. So for out first test I setup my laptop in the bushes below the chapel, wrote up a quick .NET application to keep the light in the confines of the chapel and to keep it dancing around. We ran it in a show for the first time last night, and it was a huge success!

It kept the kids occupied while the parents were still filtering down (trying to chase the light to stay in the spotlight, how cute :P). and once the show began, it meant that we could turn off the chapel lights which we normally didn't do, which gave much higher contrast to the show and made it all the more spectacular. It also stopped people from loitering behind the chapel, and got them out onto the deck where the show looks 10 times better from.

We haven't had any more 'disco' type events yet, but it should help alot! But of course, i'm still not happy with it. Although it livens up the chapel alot, it still gets dwarfed by the waterfall, and doesn't really give the disco feel I was looking for..

I guess that'll be next weeks mission >:)

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